It is madening that the Chicago Bears refuse to make the tough decisions to succeed

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Two NFL head coaches have been fired at this point in 2023. Josh McDaniels was fired by the Raiders after only eight games. After his firing, the team rallied behind interim head coach Antonio Pierce with two victories. They lost back-to-back games after that but put up a good fight against two of the best teams in the league this year -- Miami and Kansas City. Last week, the Panthers gave Frank Reich his walking papers. He didn't even get to coach a full season. Why is it that the Chicago Bears never make the "tough" decisions to fire their head coach or even a coordinator?

Right now, the Chicago Bears are 4-4 over their last eight games and coming off of a win -- even though an ugly win. There's no way that the front office is going to fire either Matt Eberflus or Luke Getsy this week, right? Well, I don't think that offensive performance should save Getsy's job.

If Ryan Poles had any doubts along with plans to move on from either Eberflus or Getsy, then I don't understand the wait. Let's see if quarterbacks coach, Andrew Janocko can incorporate more of a vertical attack in this offense. The horizontal game has become too predictable and we need to see more from Justin Fields.

When will the Chicago Bears ever fire a coach mid-season?

Moving on from a head coach at this point in the season probably means little to nothing. All it does is allow the front office more time to determine who the new coach will be. There are plenty of hot candidate names out there. Jim Harbaugh is another name to consider and apparently, there are rumors Chicago is at least talking about that possibility. I'd love to see the Bears get a head start on the process just once though. Probably won't happen as long as the McCaskey's run the show.

The problem is this is a unique situation. Unless Ryan Poles has already decided he's still in on Justin Fields or he knows he is moving on no matter what, then the tough decision is to do what the Chicago Bears have yet to ever do -- fire a coach or coordinator mid-season. I'm not counting Alan Williams (defensive coordinator) either by the way -- who technically resigned. Poles needs to see what Fields can do and throwing 17 balls at or behind the line of scrimmage as the team did against the Vikings last week is not going to cut it.


If I were Poles, I'd shake things up now and let Getsy go -- not to make franchise history, but to just be bold and take action. I'd make that tough decision in hopes to see if it makes a difference in Justin Fields' and the offense's performance over these last few weeks. Too much is on the line here with Justin Fields, Caleb Williams, and Drake Maye at the quarterback position. Making the change now, during the bye week allows the team extra time to prepare. Sadly, it's already too late as it should have happened on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

Even if the team was to go with a rookie QB, do you trust this coaching staff to develop him correctly? I don't want either Williams or Maye throwing 17 passes at or behind the line of scrimmage. That's a crazy waste of their talents -- along with Justin Fields' talent.