Chicago Bears Rookie season expectations for Tyrique Stevenson

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The Chicago Bears drafted a cornerback in the second round for the second straight season. Last season, we looked into what the expected outcome would be for Kyler Gordon based on past players with a similar draft slot. Needless to say, Gordon did not live up to expectations.

Chicago Bears Rookie season expectations for Tyrique Stevenson

So, what are similar expectations for Tyrique Stevenson, and how will he compare against the expectations when we look back next year?

The best cornerbacks to be drafted in round two since 2011 are Casey Hayward, Ronald Darby, James Bradberry, Carlton Davis, Donte Jackson, Trevon Diggs, Jaylon Johnson, Asante Samuel

Overall, they all had similar enough seasons that it will be easy to set a baseline of stats to see if Tyrique Stevenson will be on track to be in the same conversation with those guys.

On average they had 493 snaps in coverage, with Ronald Darby playing the most, and Asante Samuel having the fewest snaps as a rookie with 396.

They were targeted 74 times on average for 44 catches. Darby was targeted 105 times and gave up 57 catches. They allowed a range of 435 yards to 675 yards, with an average of 567 yards.

On average, they also allowed 1.15 yards per coverage snap. Diggs allowed 1.46 yards per snap, while Hayward was at 0.91.

The average for pass breakups was 8.9, and Darby had the most with 15. They had a PBU rate of 11.93% on average with Jaylon Johnson at 18.1%, and Carlton Davis down at 3.77%.

Hayward allowed 0 touchdowns, and Diggs allowed six, meanwhile, Hayward had six interceptions and Jaylon Johnson joined Carlton Davis with zero.

On average they allowed a TD every 4.87% of their targets, and 3.19% of their targets turn into interceptions.

So, for Tyrique Stevenson, fans should be looking for him to finish his rookie season with 74 targets resulting in 44 catches. He could allow 567 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions. His yards per snap are expected to be around 1.15, with an 11.9% pass break-up rate, 4.87% touchdown allowed rate, and a 3.19% interception rate.

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Are these fair expectations, and do you see the Chicago Bears getting these types of results, worse or better during the rookie season of Tyrqiue Stevenson?