3 Chicago Bears rookies who have not progressed as much as expected

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1. Roschon Johnson needs to bring more to the Chicago Bears

There were thoughts when the Chicago Bears drafted Roschon Johnson that he could lead the backfield by the end of the season. Things played out for him to take advantage of that opportunity, but he did not.

In week 11, D’onta Foreman got hurt, and Khalil Herbert looked awful in his first game back from injury. So, Johnson was able to control the backfield in week 12. However, in week 14, Foreman got healthy and took back over. In week 15, the Bears needed his pass protection and leaned on him again.

Still, this presented a great chance. Two of his last three games were the most he had ever played, and they were going up against the worst run defense going, the Arizona Cardinals. This was a game to get Johnson some confidence heading into the offseason and a chance for the Bears to see what he could bring. Foreman was out due to a personal issue, and they had not trusted Herbert in recent weeks. However, they ended up going to Herbert instead, and he did everything we just mentioned as a possibility for Johnson. 

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As the Chicago Bears are going to finish the year in the next two weeks, it looks like Johnson is going to remain the third back in the rotation overall. He almost only plays because he is good in pass protection and is the best pass catcher in the group. So, he is what we knew before the season and is not any better. That is not the progression fans wanted to see.