3 Chicago Bears rookies who should see more playing time in the final three weeks 

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2. The Chicago Bears should shift Tyler Scott into the slot 

When the Chicago Bears drafted Tyler Scott, it was clear what their intentions were. Darnell Mooney will be a free agent after this season, and Scott has a very similar profile based on his size and athletic ability. The Bears probably needed Scott more than they wanted to play him due to the injury of Equanimeous St. Brown and the trade of Chase Claypool. 

While he has not produced, he also is not playing in the role that many see him filling next season. Tyer Scott is expected to replace Darnell Mooney in the slot. However, he has jus a 21.6% slot rate this season, and he is obviously the number three behind Mooney when they only have two wideouts on the field. 

The Bears do not have to go as far as taking Mooney out of two wide receiver sets, but if he is already playing some outside, and he spent good portions of his career on the outside, why not just keep him outside for the final three weeks? It may help Mooney, who is due to be a free agent. He could produce more and at least show the versatility. 

More than that, it helps Tyler Scott. If he can go from four or five slot snaps to 17 to 20 in the final three weeks, the Bears would have a much better idea of what to expect from him in 2024. Right now, he is a huge question mark. That answer is more important than anything right now.