3 Chicago Bears rookies who should see more playing time in the final three weeks 

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1. Roschon Johnson should be the Chicago Bears lead back 

This move is the most likely to happen, but it also may be coming by default. The Chicago Bears have a three-man committee, but two of them are coming back from injury, and neither looks like their old self. 

D’onta Foreman has played two games but has had 17 carries for 44 yards since his return. He had 11 carries in his return and had six after that because he did not look the same. Khalil Herbert had 16 carries in his first game back and has had 15 in the three games since then. In total, he has 31 carries for 75 yards. 

The two have 48 carriers for 119 yards in their recent touches. That is awful. This season, Johnson has 60 rushes for 274 yards. In the four games since Justin Fields came back, he has had 22 rushes for 107 yards. Johnson also has nine catches for 64 yards in that span while being the best pass protector. 

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He is not overly dynamic, but he is better than what these two injured backs are bringing. He is also the one most tied to their future. The Chicago Bears should ride with Roschon Johnson for the final three weeks.