Trevis Gipson drops a bombshell regarding the recent Chicago Bears reports

Are Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus trustworthy? It doesn't seem like you can trust everything they say.

Chicago Bears, Gipson
Chicago Bears, Gipson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

What happened between head coach Matt Eberflus and Trevis Gipson? Maybe it had more to do with Ryan Poles. No matter the case, it appears that Trevis Gipson's departure from the Chicago Bears was not as amicable as we thought. It was announced today that he will not make the 53-man roster.

Today was the deadline for NFL teams to cut their rosters down from 90 players to 53. In a weird turn of events, we found out that Trevis Gipson was granted permission to seek a trade partner while watching him play in the Bears' final preseason game vs the Bills. The way it was worded was that Gipson requested a trade and was given permission to find a team that wanted his services. However, we found out that was not the case.

On Twitter (X), Trevis Gipson made it known that he never requested to be traded.

Are the Chicago Bears making a mistake by not keeping Trevis Gipson?

Adding Rasheem Green to the roster wasn't a big deal. He was brought in on a one-year deal and the team needed to make some changes at defensive end. However, we saw Trevis Gipson lead the defensive line in sacks last year despite seeing the most double teams. Green is supposed to be a solid run defender — something that guys like Dominique Robinson and Al-Quadin Muhammad both struggled with last year. Gipson wasn't perfect either, but he was easily the best of the three.

I do not understand what happened in this situation, but after watching Gipson and Terrell Lewis dominate the preseason, I thought both of them deserved to stick around. Lewis made the final roster, but Gipson did not. Instead, the team elected to keep Green, and well, it's likely going to be a big mistake for Chicago. I'll bet right now that Gipson, wherever he ends up, will have a better season statistically than Green. I saw Green out of position in the run game and didn't do enough in pass rush for me to think he is a better fit than Gipson.

When I heard the trade rumors, I thought Trevis Gipson initiated the trade request because he wanted to either go to a 3-4 scheme — he finished with seven sacks in that scheme two years ago — or he wanted to be on a defense that allowed him more reps to showcase his abilities since he's in a contract year. Apparently, neither was the case.


In the grand scheme of things, I doubt cutting Gipson will make that big of an impact for the Chicago Bears. However, this is the one move that I was most disappointed about when I saw the final roster released.