Chicago Bears Roster: Interior offensive line depth chart post 2024 NFL Draft

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears will not need to make many roster changes between now and training camp. So, it is a good time to review the roster and see where things stand. What does the Bears' interior offensive line look like after the 2024 NFL draft?

Left Guard 

Teven Jenkins

Teven Jenkins has a hold of the starting left guard job. On the positive side, this will be the first year he is playing the same position that he played the previous year. On the negative side, this is the last year of his rookie salary contract, and his injury history and lack of continuity with the front office and coaching staff may have him playing for a new team next year. 

Matt Pryor 

The injuries to Teven Jenkins and Nate Davis pushed the team to get real about what their depth along the interior looked like. They signed Matt Pryor who has 24 starts over the last five seasons. 

Jerome Carvin 

Carvin was a UDFA for the Chiefs last year, but it looks like he will spend his summer with Chicago now. 


Ryan Bates

The Bears traded for Ryan Bates, and his salary suggests he will be the starter. However, he has limited time at center and is a bit of a risk at this point. 

Coleman Shelton 

Coleman Shelton signed with the Bears for less than Bates, but he has made 30 starts at center over the last two years with the LA Rams. He is obviously the more experienced player and maybe pushing Bates in training camp. 

Doug Kramer

The Bears are hoping Kramer can stay healthy this year, as the former seventh-round pick has spent most of his two years in Chicago on the IR. 

Right Guard

Nate Davis 

The Bears made Nate Davis one of their big signings last offseason, but he was a bit of a disaster in 2024. Injuries stunted his development. The addition of Pryor helps, but they need to see progress from Davis. 

Ja’Tyre Carter

The team asked Carter to fill in for both Davis and Jenkins at times last year. He showed that he can stick around the bottom of the roster and help during emergencies, but he also showed that he should not be a trusted backup moving forward. 

Bill Murray 

Murray spent most of his time with the New England Patriots before signing to the Bears practice squad last year. He will hope to stick on the PS again. 

Theo Benedet 

Benedet is a UDFA rookie from British Columbia. He is going to be adjusting to football, and a practice squad spot would speak to him showing real potential.