Losers from Chicago Bears Week 5 matchup vs. Commanders

While the Chicago Bears were finally able to come away with a win, there were some negatives to discuss from this game.

Chicago Bears, Greg Stroman, Terrell Smith
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Chicago Bears Week 5 Loser No. 2: Justin Jones

Justin Jones has been the team's honorary "3-tech" since he was brought in last year, and he has been serviceable at best. While he is a great locker-room presence and a veteran leader on the defensive line, there have been too many games where he just has no impact. He did not register anything on the stat sheet against the Commanders. This is the second time this season that this has happened. The Bears are desperate for help up the middle on the defensive line, and what Jones is providing is not cutting it.

He does not get enough push to wreak havoc and at least collapse the pocket, and he is not strong enough to take on double teams to free up other pass rushers. He just kind of exists there. His communication is valuable, and he is a high-energy and high-awareness player. He just does not provide enough for a struggling defensive line.

Per Adam Hoge, "Matt Eberflus said he plans on using rookie defensive tackle Gervon Dexter more on pass rushing downs." This is a sign of the belief in the raw talent and potential of Dexter and of adjustments that need to be made with how little pressure the Bears have generated from the interior. There have even been some reps with DeMarcus Walker rushing from the inside because he has shown to be versatile in that aspect.

While the Bears' defensive line looked better, that was a result of a bad Commander offensive line combined with clever blitzes called by Eberflus. They need more production from the interior in both run-and-pass defense. Justin Jones needs to be better. Empty games are not cutting it from the guy who is supposed to be the main pass rusher from the interior.