Losers from Chicago Bears Week 5 matchup vs. Commanders

While the Chicago Bears were finally able to come away with a win, there were some negatives to discuss from this game.

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Chicago Bears Week 5 Loser No. 3: Caleb Williams dreamers

I am writing this after the Carolina Panthers have fallen to 0-5 on the season, and it is going to be really interesting to see how bad that team is. The Bears could still easily get the first overall pick because both they and the Panthers are a combined 1-9 on the season. Before the Bears won this game, they stood at the top of the draft boards with the first two picks.

There is no doubt that the Bears are going to have two very high picks in this year's draft. Most likely both will be in the top ten. This has led to Bears fans dreaming about the thought of drafting Caleb Williams to be the future quarterback of the team. He is one of the most hyped quarterback prospects in recent years, on the same level as Trevor Lawrence, Joe Burrow, etc.

If the Bears have any doubts if Fields is the guy going forward, they will most likely select Williams if they have the top pick. He could be a generational talent and he would be on a rookie contract. It will be at least a discussion, especially if Justin Fields cannot keep up his play from the last two games.

If Fields continues to shine like he has over the last two weeks, and the Bears have the top pick in the draft, it could be a very interesting conversation. After Week 3 most fans had turned their hopes to a new name, but a revival from the offense has gotten many back on the Fields train. There are many fans that have just given into a tank for the top pick, but now there can be a conversation about if the Bears can string some wins together. It is amazing what one win can do for a desperate fan base.

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Those hoping for Caleb Williams still have a chance to fulfill their dreams, but each week that Fields plays like this he is telling the Bears front office to focus on filling out the rest of the team with elite talent at the top of the draft. At this point, it will be a week-to-week conversation about the Caleb Williams golden ticket.