4 Chicago Bears players needing extended time in preseason game vs. Colts

  • Could an undrafted free agent defensive back make the squad?
  • A rookie on offense needs to bounce back
  • Defensive end is getting competitive

Chicago Bears, Dominique Robinson
Chicago Bears, Dominique Robinson / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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3. Dominique Robinson, DE

The defensive end position is heating up for the Bears, and in a hurry. Obviously, signing Yannick Ngakoue was a big move and gave the Bears their no. 1 pass rusher in an instant. But, beyond Ngakoue, this is a team that's needed someone else to show up.

Against the Titans, we saw two defensive ends have phenomenal games in Trevis Gipson and Terrell Lewis. Gipson looked like he not only wanted to prove he should be listed higher on the depth chart, but earn a starting spot. Meanwhile, Lewis finally looks like he belongs and can make a lasting impact.

Then, there's Dominique Robinson, a second-year player who showed promise last season as a rookie.

Robinson played a total of 18 snaps against the Titans, with nine of them being passing downs. On those nine passing snaps, Robinson failed to generate a single pressure, hurry or even get anywhere close to the quarterback.

This is a position that could change quickly on the Bears' depth chart, and Robinson might find himself buried sooner or later. He needs a good chunk of time to prove that he's still worth keeping around and that he belongs in the rotation.