Chicago Bears Roster: Players under the most pressure heading into 2023

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For the most part, the Chicago Bears enter the 2023 season with minimal pressure. The team finished with a league-worst 3-14 record last season, and the front office’s unwillingness to go after many marquee free agents this offseason suggests they are still taking their time rebuilding the roster.

As exciting as it would be for the Bears to re-enter the playoff picture this season, the current projections say that scenario is less than likely. Many fans are already setting their sights on 2024 for the beginning of the Bears’ playoff push.   

Four Chicago Bears who are under the most pressure heading into 2023

However, just because the team as a whole doesn’t have as much to prove as other teams doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous players that do. Several players find themselves under immense pressure to perform in 2023.

The Bears have ubiquitous resources to acquire new talent in the coming years through both free agency and the draft, meaning they are more than capable of replacing any player that appears to be underperforming. 

As of now, there is only a handful of players that have done enough to solidify their spot on the team going forward. For many of the others, 2023 will be their chance to do so. An impressive season could go a long way in securing a future contract, while a disappointing year could spell the end of their days in a Bears uniform.

With training camp and the preseason right around the corner, here are the Bears players with the most to prove in 2023.