Chicago Bears Roster: Players under the most pressure heading into 2023

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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

Chicago Bears Under Pressure In 2023: Chase Claypool, WR

The Bears gave up a lot to have Chase Claypool in a navy uniform. In fact, many would argue moving what ended up being the 32nd pick in this year’s draft to acquire Claypool was an overpay. 

This move was meant to supply Fields with a young, toolsy receiver that could be his running mate for years to come. Unfortunately, Claypool’s wavering health limited the opportunities fans got to see him in Chicago’s offense. 

Adding D.J. Moore only adds further uncertainty to Claypool’s role on the team. He’s seen primarily as a deep threat, but so are Darnell Mooney and Moore. What the Bears do with their receiver room in 2023 has been a hot-button topic among Bears fans, and right now, it’s hard to provide anything more than mere speculation.

However, these unknowns don’t stop Claypool from being under intense pressure. Chicago simply gave up too much not to get a valuable contributor. Claypool is yet another pass catcher that has had limited chances in conventional NFL offense. Ben Roethlisbeger’s crippled state forced the Steelers to run a very unimaginative offense, and he was traded before he could develop any strong chemistry with Kenny Pickett. 

Claypool has always been a player that seems to be better in theory than actuality. He has the tools, but for whatever reason, they haven’t led to the desired on-field product. But you can only bank on upside for so long, and the Bears won’t be able to stay very patient past 2023.