Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 63 Nsimba Webster

Will Nsimba Webster make the Chicago Bears roster in 2023?

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The countdown until kick-off is going on, and we wait, we are counting down the Chicago Bears roster. Our list of the top 90 players is looking at which ones will have the biggest impact on the season. As we get closer to the top 53, the focus is more on who has the best chance to make the roster.

Today, we are onto number 63, wide receiver Nsimba Webster.

Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 63 Nsimba Webster

Last year ranking: No. 84

Nsimba Webster has been in the NFL since 2019 when he was a UDFA from Eastern Washington. He was signed by the LA Rams and stuck with the team for two seasons. He was mainly a return specialist, taking on a role he had in college as well.

In 2021, he signed with the Chicago Bears. He competed to be a return man and was on the practice squad, but he did not find himself making it to the active roster very much. Despite being a Ryan Poles player, Ryan Pace kept him around for 2022, and he even made the roster once again.

The emphasis was on special teams, but he hardly played again, as Velus Jones was drafted to be the return man. So, in the past two seasons, he has 11 offensive snaps and 76 special teams snaps. So, while we shorted him with our ranking of 84 last year, and it looks like we are doing it again by leaving him off the 53 for another year, there is a reason.

First, he is much closer to the 53 this year, an acknowledgment that Poles was not just going to cut every former Ryan Pace player. Still, Velus Jones has to stay ahead of him after Webster failed to jump him on the depth chart last season. More than that, the Chicago Bears brought in Joe Reed.

Joe Reed is like Nsimba Webster but a little bit younger, and he is from Ryan Poles, and not Ryan Pace. We know it is not a vendetta, but we may see that Poles wants a backup kick return option to stay on practice squad.

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It may be a competition between Reed, and Webster, and while Webster was here last year, and won a spot, Reed was signed after the team what Webster could do. We ranked Reed 64 and Webster 63, as their biggest role will be the backup kick return option who pushes Velus Jones.