Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 67 Tyson Bagent

Will Tyson Bagent make the Chicago Bears roster in 2023?

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The countdown until the Chicago Bears get to training camp is getting close as we continue to countdown the Bears roster. We are looking at which players will impact the roster most and which players have the best chance to get on the field or crack the top 53.

Today we are into the top 70 as we get to number 67, Tyson Bagent.

Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 67 Tyson Bagent

Tyson Bagent is a rookie UDFA from Shepherd University. That is not a very well-known school, and that is definitely part of why he went undrafted. Still, for a rookie UDFA, 67 is pretty high, so there are at least some expectations this year.

First, Bagent got an invite to the Senior Bowl, which speaks to his ability to stand out at the small school. Bigger than that, it means he spent an entire week working with Luke Getsy, who was coaching at the Senior Bowl.

So, the familiarity was there. It says something that Getsy wanted him to come to Chicago after the time they spent together, but also that Bagent wanted to come to Chicago after working with Getsy. It might mean they both know this is best for them.

Still, this roster list is focusing on 2023 only, and while Bagent may be a long term project, he is just that, a project. So, in the 2023 lens, his best case is to be inactive all season, and likely on the practice squad.

As we noted, the connection between Bagent and Getsy is there, so it would be hard to see a team poach him off the PS, especially when you consider how raw he is at this point.

So, the Bears have two quarterbacks in the room that they do not trust to start Sundays this year. Nathan Peterman is an extra coach, and Tyson Bagent is the longer-term project. One of the two will make the roster and be the emergency third; the other will stay on the practice squad.

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In either case, these two are not impacting games, but their pressence does matter. We ranked Bagent over Peterman because his development would be better for the state of the franchise, but it would be hard to squeeze either into the top 53.