Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 80 Roy Mbaeteka

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We are going through each player on the Chicago Bears roster to see where they stand entering training camp. This ranking will determine which players have the best chance to make the roster and which will impact wins and losses when September rolls around.

Today, we are onto number 80.

Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No. 80 Roy Mbaeteka

Roy Mbaeteka is entering his second season in the NFL. He has taken a different journey, as he was born and raised in Nigeria. Roy Mbaeteka was able to take advantage of the International Player Pathway Program, which seeks young NFL talent all over the world.

Mbaeteka signed with the New York Giants as a 22-year-old rookie. He spent most of the season on the practice squad, but as the Giants got closer to the playoffs, they wanted more trusted veterans and moved on from the potential project.

Roy Mbaeteka went into the offseason unsigned, but on May 4, the Chicago Bears decided to add him to the roster. There is not much tape out there of him, but he appears to be projected to play at left tackle. At least, that is what his size and profile suggest.

Roy Mbaeteka is in a decent spot because the Chicago Bears' only real backup at left tackle is Larry Borom. At the same time, Larry Borom is essentially the only trusted backup right tackle as well. So, if someone like Roy Mbaeteka could step up, it would be a major win for the Chicago Bears.

Still, in all realistic scenarios, this player probably needs to stick to the practice squad. As we noted, back in December, the New York Giants had no interest in him being a couple of injuries away from seeing the field in a playoff run.

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This is why despite having a clear path to the roster, we have him ranked at number 80. A good season would include sticking on the practice squad and showing enough growth that the coaches want to bring him back for 2024 and perhaps then push for a roster spot.