The Chicago Bears just made some head-scratching moves at defensive end

Chicago Bears, Terrell Lewis, Trevis Gipson
Chicago Bears, Terrell Lewis, Trevis Gipson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Trevis Gipson
Chicago Bears, Trevis Gipson / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are looking at potential over production

In a secondary move today, the Chicago Bears waived Terrell Lewis in order to claim defensive end Khalid Kareem. Wait, what?!?

Yes, the Chicago Bears decided not to keep both Trevis Gipson and Terrell Lewis while claiming a defensive end who hasn't produced at the NFL level in any way. Instead, they took a guy who they clearly saw at the joint practices with the Colts and who played well vs. them in the preseason.

Let's take a look at the numbers over the last three years.

Terrell Lewis:
24 Tackles
6 Sacks
35 Pressures
1 Forced Fumble
801 Snaps

Trevis Gipson:
40 Tackles
13 Sacks
61 Pressures
1 Forced Fumble
1,182 Snaps

Rasheem Green:
66 Tackles
15 Sacks
80 Pressures
3 Forced Fumbles
1,773 Snaps

Khalid Kareem:
19 Tackles
1 Sack
16 Pressures
1 Forced Fumble
428 Snaps

I do not understand it. I don't understand why you cut ties with one or both of Lewis and Gipson just to bring in a guy who has never been a part of this system. The team watched Kareem play up close in the joint practices and the preseason game. The only other connection that I know of is that he played with Yannick Ngakoue last year. I say play, but he only saw action in four games. Kareem has dealt with injuries in a similar way to Terrell Lewis — his lack of production isn't only due to that. He cannot seem to fight his way onto the field and will likely now be practice squad fodder.


In the end, my being this upset probably will not make a difference. However, we saw someone like Leonard Floyd leave and find more success elsewhere. I've seen enough of the Al-Quadin Muhammad types and I felt like Terrell Lewis and/or Trevis Gipson brings more to the table than Khalid Kareem. Had they cut Lewis today for a completely different position or a player who has more hype and potential, fine. That's not what happened though and it is head-scratching.

On a positive note they at least signed Trent Taylor to be the new punt returner. That was a huge upgrade.