Bears rumors: 5 trades Chicago can make to keep hope alive

Is there a sliver of hope in Chicago?
Chicago Bears, Brian Burns
Chicago Bears, Brian Burns / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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Taking down the Las Vegas Raiders and snagging their second win of the season, the Chicago Bears were provided with just a sliver of hope.

At 2-5, the season outlook still looks grim, and if you ask the fan base, quarterback is suddenly a controversy -- shocker, knowing this fan base, right?

But, with the NFL trade deadline coming up next week, could the Bears actually be buyers rather than sellers? If, for some reason they are, these targets could help Chicago keep hope alive for the remainder of the year.

1. A trade for Zach Allen, DL, Broncos

The Broncos may be open to parting with several different players on their roster before the deadline. They have been the most talked-about team when it comes to selling, lately, and there are a few good candidates within the roster.

One of them that's not been talked about, and it is unknown whether or not he's available, is defensive lineman Zach Allen.

Allen trade

The Bears have long had a hole up front on their defensive line, and it's a position they'll need to revamp come the offseason. But, if they pulled off a deal for Allen, he'd help solidify that area before season's end.

Allen is 26 years old and competent in both the pass rush and against the run. So far on the season, he has 3.0 sacks and 20 total stops. Allen is in the first year of a 3-year deal, so the Bears would have him for a little while yet.