Adam Schefter drops major hint about potential Justin Fields landing spot

The Bears quarterback may really be on the move, and soon.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

Everything the Chicago Bears will ultimately do this offseason won't matter unless they get the quarterback position right.

And, as of right now, we still have no idea what Ryan Poles is going to do with that no. 1 overall pick.

If we are to believe one of the most recent reports, though, it looks like the Bears are going to select Caleb Williams with that pick rather than opting to trade it. Instead, the Bears would look to trade current starting quarterback Justin Fields.

But where does Fields end up? That becomes the biggest question, next to what Chicago could get in return for the fourth-year pro. If you were to ask ESPN's Adam Schefter, Fields very well could wind up heading out East.

Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, Schefter was asked about the Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback situation and had a few interesting tidbits to share.

Schefter listed Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson and, yes, Justin Fields as possibilities for the Steelers. But when speaking about Fields, he noted that head coach Mike Tomlin especially likes the Bears quarterback.

Mike Tomlin is a Justin Fields fan, which could ultimately lead to another Bears/Steelers trade.

"Mike Tomlin's a big fan of Justin Fields. We'll keep that in mind during the offseason of the coming weeks," Schefter said.

From the Steelers' perspective, Schefter made it abundantly clear that they are not going to entrust the position to Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph going into 2024. The Steelers are, without a doubt, going to make a move at quarterback.

The Bears and Steelers last made a deal in November of 2022 when Chicago acquired wide receiver Chase Claypool from Pittsburgh in exchange for a second-round pick; a deal that now looks completely lopsided.

If Fields were to head to the Steelers, though, one might assume the Bears could get something along the lines of Pittsburgh's second-round pick which checks in at no. 51 overall.

The Steelers are unlikely to be the only team interested in trading for Fields, should he wind up on the block. Maybe, the Bears get more for him in return than some originally anticipated earlier this year. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported the Bears would get maybe a second or third-round pick for Fields.

Now, all we can do is wait for the new league year to inch closer and closer. As the days continue to go by, we're that much closer to an answer.