Big changes that we could see the Chicago Bears make for the 2024 season

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Looking ahead to the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft

Now heading into the 2024 NFL Draft the Bears hold three first-round picks and a ton of holes that still need to be filled with the most important being the QB spot. In this mock, the Bears hold the fourth, sixth, and 23 spots in the first round.

With the Fourth pick, the Bears selected QB out of Colorado Shedeur Sanders. The son of prime-time Deion Sanders Shedeur is flying up draft boards after the first three weeks of college football. Expect the hype to continue to build as the year goes on. With Caleb Williams off the board, the Bears make Shedeur the second QB taken in the draft. (This is assuming Deion Sanders' recent statement about Shedeur Sanders not declaring for the 2024 NFL Draft changes - if not, could be a different QB selected here.)

The Bears only have to wait a single pick before being on the clock yet again but they end up trading back two spots with the Rams in a deal that sees the Bears getting pick 8 and 40 for picks 6 and 70. Now with the 8th pick, the Bears trade down yet again this time to the 10th pick with the Buccaneers. They send the Bear pick 10 and a 2025 first-rounder while getting picks 8 and 102.

After moving back four spots the Bears finally send in a pick this time it's for Tackle Joe Alt out of Notre Dame. The Braxton Jones experiment is now over and the Bears get a new blindside blocker.

Now all the way down to pick 23 the Bears will yet again go after an offensive player this time adding to their wideout room by taking Malik Nabers out of LSU. Giving their new QB a stacked wideout room from the get-go.

The Bears will have four more picks the rest of the draft and with those picks they will select:

38- Chop Robinson, EDGE - Penn ST

40- Sedric Van Pran, C/G - Gerogia

126- Tory Horton, WR - Colorado ST

134-Isaiah Adams, G - Illinois


With 15 games still left this season there is still a ton of time for the team to turn things around and get over this bad early stint. But with hope and an all-time low, it's hard to not see the Bears making big changes for the 2024 season.