Bears Rumors: Top 4 candidates to replace Luke Getsy, instill faith in Justin Fields

Even after a win, the Chicago Bears have to move on.

 Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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2. Darrell Bevell, Quarterbacks/Passing Game Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

In this scenario, like some of the others we'll talk about, the Bears bring over an offensive coordinator from another team to be their head coach. Here, we're hypothesizing over Chicago hiring Frank Smith away from the Miami Dolphins to be their next head coach. If that were to unfold, Smith could bring his quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator, Darrell Bevell, with him.

Bevell would come in more for moral support than anything (joking, of course). It would be Smith calling the plays and running the offense, but Bevell would be there as his right hand man.

The Dolphins have operated as the league's no. 1 passing team this season, currently putting up over 285 yards per game through the air. Tua Tagovailoa has really blossomed beneath Mike McDaniel, Smith and Bevell, too.

The Bears could have two elite weapons next year, just like the Dolphins do, if they were to draft Marvin Harrison Jr. to come play alongside D.J. Moore. That, alone, should be reason enough to hire Smith and Bevell. Think of the possibilities with those two as your top weapons for Fields.