Bears Rumors: Top 4 candidates to replace Luke Getsy, instill faith in Justin Fields

Even after a win, the Chicago Bears have to move on.

 Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Justin Fields
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3. Jeff Stoutland, Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line, Philadelphia Eagles

One name a lot of folks are talking about as a potential head coach, right now, is Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson. There is no doubt in my mind that Johnson will get his opportunity in the very near future, especially if the Eagles continue their success this season just as they did a year ago when they wound up in the Super Bowl.

Should Johnson get hired in Chicago, he could bring his offensive line coach and run game coordinator with him. Jeff Stoutland isn't a name you hear a lot about when talking Eagles football, but you can credit him quite a bit when it comes to the Eagles' run game. Whether it's been Jalen Hurts, D'Andre Swift or even some other backs mixed in, Stoutland has done an excellent job keeping the Eagles toward the top of the league since he took over that position back in 2018.

Bringing a similar scheme and strategy to the Bears, Stoutland could absolutely continue the success the Bears have had on the ground over the past couple of seasons. Fields and Hurts are built very similiarly, too, so designing a run game involving Fields' skills would be more than feasible.