Bears Rumors: Top 4 candidates to replace Luke Getsy, instill faith in Justin Fields

Even after a win, the Chicago Bears have to move on.

 Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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4. Tanner Engstrand, Passing Game Coordinator, Detroit Lions

Finally, let's talk about a division rival for a minute. Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is likely to get a head coaching position this coming offseason. With that, Johnson will likely opt to bring some familiar faces with him. One guy he could bring with is his current passing game coordinator, Tanner Engstrand.

The Lions' passing game is the league's third-best unit thus far, and much of that credit, of course, goes to Johnson. But, Engstrand is tasked with a lot of the design and scheming duties, too. Like some of these other scenarios, if Johnson was hired to be the next Bears head coach, Engstrand would make sense to come with as his offensive coordinator.

Engstrand has only been around the NFL since 2021, when he started in Detroit. He's spent every season with Johnson, too, learning beneath. These two would be a great pairing in Chicago, where the Bears continue to hold back the reins on Fields. There is no doubt Engstrand and Johnson would let Fields rip it. How else are they going to allow him to be the best version of himself?

If the Bears want more screen plays, then allow Getsy to stay. Otherwise, Engstrand and these other guys make a lot of sense.