Chicago Bears should consider these 2 Jonathan Taylor trades

Should Ryan Poles throw caution to the wind and make a splash move?

Chicago Bears, Jonathan Taylor
Chicago Bears, Jonathan Taylor / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Trade Number 1: A draft haul, plus a running back

The first trade features a running back swap, plus a load of picks going to the Colts. One would think that the Bears have to deal a running back in any trade for Taylor, because as it stands, they have a lot of players in that room.

The best of them figures to be Khalil Herbert, which is precisely who the Bears would give up in this trade for Taylor.

Taylor trade 1

Not only do the Bears trade Herbert, but they give up a trio of draft picks: a second rounder, third rounder and sixth rounder, with the first two picks coming in 2024 and the last coming in 2025. Certainly, the Colts would love to get first-round capital.

And, if we're being honest, Taylor might be worth a first-round pick. The Bears are one of the few teams that have a load of draft capital next year, and their pool contains a pair of first rounders. So, if it really came down to it, maybe Chicago forks over a first. But, for now, let's figure this could be enough to get it done.