Chicago Bears Rumors: 5 Players who could still be moved at the trade deadline

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The 2023 NFL trade deadline is right around the corner, and the Chicago Bears have a plethora of moveable players. With the exceptions of D.J. Moore and Darnell Wright, the Bears don’t appear to have any untouchable players on the roster. They have a roster that largely comprises inexperienced youngsters and unimpressive veterans. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean the team is willing to move on from everyone else, but it does give them a lot of options. 

The Bears were one of the most active teams at last year’s deadline 

In 2022, Ryan Poles made a series of moves in the days leading up to the deadline. Acquiring draft capital for the likes of Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith, as well as giving up a second-round pick in the now infamous Chase Claypool trade. 

It’s hard not to see the influence these moves had on the remainder of the season. The Bears, who were 3-5 at the time, were unable to win another game after trading away two of the defense’s top players, and Claypool’s uninspiring performance did little to change the offense’s bottom line. 

It’s difficult to imagine how the Bears roster would look without these moves. They probably wouldn’t have finished with the worst record in the league in 2022, thus wouldn’t have acquired D.J. Moore via trade, and wouldn’t have selected Darnell Wright, etc. 

The point is what a team chooses to do or not do at the deadline can have a lasting impact on the organization. 

Here are five Bears players who could be available at this year’s trade deadline.