Chicago Bears Rumors: 5 Players who could still be moved at the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears, Cody Whitehair
Chicago Bears, Cody Whitehair / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Chicago Bears Trade Rumors: Cody Whitehair, IOL 

For a trade to take place, it has to make sense for both sides. It’s understandable that the Bears would want to get rid of the likes of Cody Whitehair. Unfortunately, the same reasons Bears fans want to see him go act as deterrents for other teams. 

Why the Bears may want to move him

Simply put, Whitehair has been a liability on the line this season and hasn’t been a quality starter for a few years. He also doesn’t have the same versatility he was thought to have early on in his career, as his poor snap placement has made him nearly unplayable at center. 

Why another team would want him 

With that said, Whitehair is a seasoned veteran and, at only 31 years old, may have a couple more years in the tank. Bears fans’ perception of Whitehair is warped by the fact that he’s been an everyday starter. 

While he no longer projects as a high-impact lineman, he could be a solid depth piece for a competitive team.  Additionally, Whitehair’s abysmal play this season makes him a more affordable option for teams unwilling to commit significant draft capital.