Chicago Bears Rumors: 5 Players who could still be moved at the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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Chicago Bears Trade Rumors: Jaylon Johnson, CB

There have been recent reports that cornerback Jaylon Johnson and the Bears have recently continued contract negotiations. As great as it would be for the Bears to lock Johnson up, these discussions mean little until a deal is actually done. Johnson is still approaching the end of his rookie deal, and without an official extension, it’s unclear what the future holds for the corner. 

Why the Bears may want to move him

As mentioned before, Johnson isn’t under team control after this season. If the Bears aren’t going to keep him in Chicago, it makes sense to at least get something in return. Additionally, Johnson’s durability issues that date back to his college days have made him less than reliable. While he’s been one of the team’s best defensive players when on the field, keeping him on it has proven to be easier said than done.

Of anyone the Bears could deal, Johnson would yield the greatest return. A corner-needy team would be more than willing to cough up a Day 2 pick. 

Why another team would want him 

Johnson is a legitimate cover corner who can take the opposing team’s top receiver one-on-one. He’s also still fairly young at just 24 years old. If he is made available, he would be one of the premier names.