Chicago Bears Rumors: 5 Players who could still be moved at the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears Trade Rumors: Eddie Jackson, S

Safety Eddie Jackson has only appeared in three games this season and is set to hit free agency after the 2024 season. He’s been a playmaker when he’s been on the field, but the mounting health concerns for a player pushing 30 have cast doubt on Jackson’s future with the Bears. 

Why the Bears may want to trade him 

Given the current state of the Bears, a player like Jackson offers little utility. Of course, he is still a quality safety, but his age and lingering health issues make it difficult to envision him as a part of the next chapter of Bears football. In summation, Jackson is a win-now player stuck on a team that is rebuilding. Unlike Johnson and Mooney, who are still relatively young, Jackson is reaching the end of his athletic prime and may only have a couple more years of high-level play left in the tank. 

Why another team would want him 

Even though he hasn’t come close to matching his 2018 season, Jackson is still regarded as one of the better playmaking safeties in the league. He had four interceptions before going down in 2022 and has four multi-interception seasons. On a defense that can get to the quarterback more consistently, Jackson could truly flourish and put his ball skills to use once more. 

He isn’t quite the jack-of-all-trades safety that some teams may prefer, but for one looking for a guy with splash play ability, Jackson is a perfect fit.