Bears Rumors: 5 players Chicago could trade during 2024 offseason

Just because they didn't trade these guys at the deadline doesn't mean they are safe going into 2024.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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2. Jaylon Johnson, CB

First of all, yes, Jaylon Johnson is going to be a free agent after this season. There is a world, though, where the Bears opt to use the franchise tag on Johnson in order to keep him around another year and try to open back up contract negotiations between both sides.

However, using the franchise tag doesn't always end well. The Bears might be able to use the tag on Johnson, yet also find a willing trade partner to be able to get a valuable draft return for his services. It's rare that a player is dealt on a franchise tag, but it is certainly a possibility.

Now, is this the best-case scenario for the Bears? Absolutely not. Johnson is a cornerstone player for this defense and he deserves to be around long-term. Chicago would be best-served to get a contract done and see him stick around for years to come.

But, that doesn't mean it will happen. This relationship could be severed, especially with the Montez Sweat situation. Johnson was clearly upset over the Bears prioritizing an extension for Sweat, while he was unable to get the deal he desired.