Bears Rumors: 5 players Chicago could trade during 2024 offseason

Just because they didn't trade these guys at the deadline doesn't mean they are safe going into 2024.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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4. Tremaine Edmunds, LB

This would be wild, but I wouldn't say it's completely impossible. This past offseason, the Bears signed Tremaine Edmunds to a hefty contract. But, Edmunds has grossly underproduced for what this team paid him. Expectations were high, and they should have been. After all, Edmunds was a great linebacker with the Buffalo Bills and came to Chicago with the idea that he'd be the anchor in the middle of this defense.

Yet, to this point in the season, Edmunds has been downright bad. He has been awful, in fact. He's been bad against the run. He's been bad in coverage. There hasn't been a bright spot to his game, to be frank, and that's surprising. Edmunds has historically been very good in coverage, bringing tremendous size and athleticism to the inside linebacker position.

He is still just 25 years old, which is a positive, here. Maybe, this is just a down season and he can bounce back. But, for the money the Bears paid him, they would be well-off if they decided to try and trade him while finding a cheaper replacement. Maybe even fifth-round pick Noah Sewell could step in and surprise taking over for Edmunds.

The point is, Edmunds has been bad, and I wouldn't be upset nor surprised if the Bears traded him just a year after signing.