5 quarterback-needy teams that could offer Bears a blockbuster trade

Whether it be the no. 1 pick or Justin Fields, these teams could very realistically make a trade with Chicago.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Washington Commanders

Speaking of Pelissero's report on the Commanders potentially trading up, they are absolutely a team to watch when it comes to trading with the Bears. One of the biggest reasons why it makes sense for Washington to make a deal with Chicago is because of new offensive coordinator, Kliff Kingsbury, who recently spent time at USC with Caleb Williams.

For the Commanders to climb up just one spot is going to take more than what the Bears traded to move up and get Mitch Trubisky once upon a time. Like Pelissero said, we're talking multiple first-round picks at a minimum. So, let's keep it at a minimum.

Commanders trade

The Bears move back just one spot to no. 2 overall but get Washington's first rounder in 2025, plus a fourth rounder this year. Now, the question would become whether or not the Bears stand pat and take someone like Drake Maye second overall. The biggest factor, there, is obviously whether or not Chicago has traded Fields by then.

If Fields is out of town, then you can be certain the Bears would pull the trigger on Maye if the Commanders went with Williams.