Bears Rumors: Ranking Justin Fields trade destinations by best possible return

If it happens, where would fans be most excited about JF1 going?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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5. Denver Broncos

Best possible return: Combination of a 2025 second-round pick or 2024 third-round pick and WR Courtland Sutton

Broncos trade

The Denver Broncos are likely going to move on from Russell Wilson this offseason. It isn't a matter of "if," but "when" they do so. Wilson isn't going to cut it beneath head coach Sean Payton, and the head coach has all but guaranteed this relationship is going to end.

If the Broncos want to try and draft a quarterback from their current position at no. 12 overall, they will surely miss out on Williams, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels. They might also miss out on Michael Penix Jr.

So, keeping that no. 12 pick and using it on another position of need while making a trade for Fields could be in their best interest. The problem is, Denver doesn't have a second rounder this year. So, they'd have to trade a 2025 second-round pick in a deal for Fields, if we think he's going to go for a pick around that spot.

The Broncos may also want to cut ties with someone like Courtland Sutton in order to save some money and get themselves back beneath the cap. If the Bears could get Sutton and either a second or third-round pick, that seems like good value.