Bears Rumors: Ranking Justin Fields trade destinations by best possible return

If it happens, where would fans be most excited about JF1 going?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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4. Pittsburgh Steelers

Best possible return: No. 51 pick in 2024 NFL Draft

Steelers trade

The Steelers have both Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph in their building, but neither one of them has proven to be able to last under center. Pickett was benched late last season for Rudolph, who has been around since 2018, now.

There have been some rumors, even dating back to a couple of months ago, around the idea of Fields going to Pittsburgh and playing under Mike Tomlin. Pittsburgh has never had a losing record under Tomlin, and they're always going to be a gritty, defensive team. On the surface, they look like a team that's ready to win right now.

Throw Fields in there, maybe they become closer to a contender.

The best Pittsburgh would likely do in a Fields trade, though, would be giving up their second-round pick this year which comes in at no. 51 overall. If that's true, then Pittsburgh checks in here at no. 4 on possible suitors for Fields.