Bears Rumors: Ranking Justin Fields trade destinations by best possible return

If it happens, where would fans be most excited about JF1 going?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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3. Las Vegas Raiders

Best possible return: No. 44 pick in 2024 NFL Draft

Raiders trade

Sticking with the idea that Fields could end up going for a second-round pick, the Las Vegas Raiders own a selection that's seven spots higher than Pittsburgh, thus it's easy to put them ahead of the Steelers here.

Las Vegas recently gave Antonio Pierce the permanent head coaching title, following his stint as the team's interim head coach last season. Pierce seems to have the genuine support of his locker room, especially one particular veteran, wideout Davante Adams.

A guy like Adams has gone on to publicly state that he's not going to wait around for a winning team. He's tired of losing and wants to win right now, and you'd be foolish as an organization not to take those words to heart.

The Raiders' quarterback situation will likely open up a bit this offseason as they probably move on from Jimmy Garoppolo, who is not the answer. Second-year pro Aidan O'Connell showed some things last year, but he's also not ready to be a starter in the NFL. That's why Fields makes sense. Las Vegas also has the no. 13 pick in this year's draft, so they'll have a tough time landing one of the top three passers.