Bears Rumors: Ranking Justin Fields trade destinations by best possible return

If it happens, where would fans be most excited about JF1 going?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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1. Atlanta Falcons

Best possible return: No. 8 overall pick in 2024 NFL Draft

A few weeks ago, ESPN's draft guru, Mel Kiper Jr., went on the air and said he thought the Atlanta Falcons would be willing to trade their first-round pick, at no. 8 overall, for Fields.

Now, most would agree that this is highly unlikely. But, for the sake of the argument, let's try and make this deal a bit more realistic for both sides.

Falcons trade

Even if the Bears were to give up a fourth rounder, along with Fields, it would be well-worth landing the no. 8 overall pick. Picturing the Bears with three first-round picks in this class would be a dream, only it's quite possible if you ask a guy like Kiper.

Hypothetically speaking, let's say the Bears' first round looks like this:

No. 1: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

No. 8: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

No. 9: Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame

I'm not sure you could draw it up any better than that, folks. It might be a dream, but wouldn't it be fun?