5 teams Justin Fields is auditioning for the rest of this season

Justin Fields is undoubtedly under a microscope from here on out.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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3. New England Patriots

I think it is relatively safe to say that all fans, except for New England fans, are smirking just a little bit at the Patriots' misery this year. It is unfamiliar territory for the Bears to have a better record than the Patriots at this point on the season, but that's where we're at.

The Patriots' offense has been abysmal in 2023. Mac Jones clearly is not the answer, and he saw himself get benched once again this last week, for Bailey Zappe. Now, neither one of those guys are the long-term answer for New England. After this season, the Patriots should be one of the more aggressive teams in finding their franchise quarterback.

If Bill Belichick is allowed to keep his job, a trade for Fields could be his ticket to stay around even longer. This would be a total Belichick move, too. He's never been afraid to make a big move and land a notable name. This would be no different.

If Fields came to New England, he'd be just the start. The Patriots would still have plenty of work to do in terms of surrounding him with talent. The wide receiving core has a lot of WR2 and WR3 types, and the back field may also look a bit different next year, too.

In short, New England is going to have to make a lot of changes in order to turn things around, and not just at quarterback.