5 teams Justin Fields is auditioning for the rest of this season

Justin Fields is undoubtedly under a microscope from here on out.
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages
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4. Minnesota Vikings

This would be an absolutely outlandish scenario to unfold. For the Bears to trade Fields within the division could be one of the worst decisions Poles has ever made; and maybe one of the worst moves any general manager has ever made.

That is, assuming, Fields pans out.

But, don't put an interdivisional trade out of the realm of possibilities. It is certainly possible. Just last year, the Lions traded one of the best, young tight ends in the game to Minnesota in T.J. Hockenson. Detroit was ready to move on, so they did.

If the Bears are ready to move on, and Minnesota came calling with the best possible trade return, then Poles would have to accept the deal, fully knowing that Fields could come back to haunt him twice a year going forward.

The Vikings have two quarterbacks that will be off the books by the end of this year in Kirk Cousins and Joshua Dobbs. The odds of one of them returning are pretty high, because Cousins has played so well for Minnesota over the years and Dobbs is already winning over the fan base. If anything, that also proves that head coach Kevin O'Connell is a quarterback guru, and Fields would have a great shot at success there.