The Chicago Bears have laid out the timeline of Luke Getsy being fired or not

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are creatures of habit. This organization has pushed conservatism in so many ways since the days of Mike Ditka. They have made the organization more about history and tradition than about staying relevant in the NFL. They use Ditka to their benefit but refuse to bring in another coach who isn't vanilla. The closest I've seen in my lifetime is Dave Wannstedt -- the coach hired immediately after Ditka. They don't want the coach to become bigger than the team again.

My hope was the hiring of Kevin Warren would change things. He still has time to prove that the front office is moving in the right direction and not following the same stagnant path that the organization has followed for decades. All signs are pointing to Matt Eberflus staying in Chicago. I am not a fan of Eberflus staying here long-term. However, I am a big believer in Ryan Poles. It is a shame that I don't believe Poles has the final say in Eberflus staying despite the fan base being sold he holds that power. I am not even confident Kevin Warren can overrule George McCaskey. Until we see it, I won't believe it.

With Eberflus likely staying, we all want to know what is going to happen with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and Justin Fields. More on Getsy in a minute. The only thing I will say about Justin Fields, leaving my bias on him out of the equation, is that he must now stay as the quarterback of the Bears in 2024. Fields and Eberflus need to remain connected now. The Bears need to stop forcing quarterbacks on head coaches and head coaches on quarterbacks. They must get everyone aligned. If Eberflus stays, Fields must stay. If it fails, both must go and they must align everyone in the future.

The Chicago Bears are likely to fire Luke Getsy today or not at all in 2024

Alright, back to Luke Getsy. As I said, the Chicago Bears organization is a creature of habit. Today, January 9, 2024 -- the Tuesday following Black Monday -- is likely the day we hear if Luke Getsy will be fired or not. Here is a look at when the Bears fired their last four offensive coordinators while retaining the head coach.

Mark Helfrich - Tuesday after Black Monday
Mike Martz - Tuesday after Black Monday
Ron Turner - Tuesday after Black Monday
Terry Shea - Tuesday after Black Monday


If we do not hear anything by the end of today about Luke Getsy, I'd say it's more likely that he will stick around rather than be fired. The patterns could be broken by Kevin Warren, but as I said, until we see it, I'm not going to believe it. If I had a vote, and it sounds like DJ Moore agrees with me, Getsy has to be fired. I would have fired him months ago, to be honest.

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