5 players Bears need to trade to start building for the future

It is already time for the Chicago Bears to look toward 2024 and beyond

Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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2. D'Onta Foreman, RB

Real quickly this season, veteran running back D'Onta Foreman has found himself dead last on the depth chart at running back. Khalil Herbert has cemented himself as the team's starter, as he should, and last week saw Herbert have the best game yet of his young season.

Meanwhile, rookie Roschon Johnson has been mixed in here and there, appearing to already be taking on a significant role much sooner than expected. Travis Homer is used on special teams, so he'll always be active. But, Foreman has seen very limited action through four weeks and looks like he's not going to get a whole lot of playing time going forward.

Foreman isn't a bad player by any means, as last season proved exactly that. He stepped in for the Carolina Panthers and ran the ball very well, finishing the year with 914 yards and five touchdowns in nine starts.

The running back landscape is not a positive one, these days, but if the Bears found a team needing another back that can step in and play meaningful snaps right away, they should take what they can get. Even a seventh-round pick would be worth taking at this point. After all, he's a player that looks to be completely out of the picture after only a month into the season.