5 players Bears need to trade to start building for the future

It is already time for the Chicago Bears to look toward 2024 and beyond
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. Jaylon Johnson, CB

Prior to the season, veteran cornerback Jaylon Johnson had verbally and publicly expressed his desire for a new contract. He did not let the issue prohibit him from beingn part of the team, though, which was a positive. Yet, the Bears did not work out an extension for Johnson, who is on the last year of his rookie deal.

Johnson may not be part of this team's future plans, and that would be a tough pill for fans to swallow. This season, Johnson has gotten off to a fast start, playing the best football of his career. He did miss last week's game due to injury, though, and that's also a concern with him. He has missed time each season of his career, because of injury, and it could be a reason why the Bears are unable to commit.

But, through Week 3, Johnson held opposing quarterbacks to a rating of just 57.4 while posting a career-best 45.8 percent completion allowed when targeted. He has not yet given up a touchdown, either.

If you were to ask Pro Football Focus, they would have nothing but glowing reviews for Johnson's young season, which proves his value could be as high as it will get assuming he is healthy.