5 players Bears need to trade to start building for the future

It is already time for the Chicago Bears to look toward 2024 and beyond

Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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5. Khalil Herbert, RB

Finally, we go back to the running back position. We already mentioned how the Bears should try and trade Foreman if they can, but what about Khalil Herbert as well? Herbert is the best running back on this team, right now, and still has next year left on his contract. The Bears very well could decide that he and Roschon Johnson are going to be in a time share next year when, hopefully, things are looking much more positive all-around.

Or, the team could try and get some type of value out of a guy playing a highly replaceable position these days. Sure, Herbert is a good player and fans have grown to like him a lot. But, this is a business and the business says running backs are easily found; so much so, that teams should not pay them long-term.

Johnson is clearly the future at this point, and if the Bears could get an early Day 3 pick for Herbert, they should take it. Look at a team like the Baltimore Ravens, for example. Herbert would flourish in that offense with Lamar Jackson, and the trade would make sense since Baltimore appears to be a contender this season.