3 ways the Bears and Justin Fields can get Sean Payton his QB this offseason

The Broncos coach reportedly wants his quarterback NOW.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Trade Scenario Number 2

Broncos trade 2

In this second scenario, we would have to assume one of a couple things is true. First, Jayden Daniels could slip to no. 9. This isn't too likely, but it's still possible. If that were the case, then Denver would have to jump at the opportunity to draft a guy some believe will go in the top three-to-five picks.

A more likely scenario, here, would be if the Broncos believed in a guy like Washington's Michael Penix Jr. and started to get nervous when the Bears were on the clock at no. 9. If Williams, Maye and Daniels are all gone by this point, then the Broncos might be one of a few different teams to have their eyes set on Penix.

Here, the Bears would move back three picks while netting a pair of third rounders as well. In this scenario, the Bears would also be keeping Fields. Moving back from no. 9 to no. 12 would still allow the Bears to draft either a top-4 receiver, a top-4 offensive tackle or, for sure, a top-4 pass rusher in this class.