4 trades the Chicago Bears could make before Week 1

Should Ryan Poles make a move before Week 1? We shall discuss, below.

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Trade Number 2: The Bears make a move for Chris Jones

There has been a whole lot of chatter going around social media regarding the Bears and a possible interest in Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones. Last year, Kansas City wasn't afraid to ship Tyreek Hill off to the Miami Dolphins when they decided they weren't going to pay him. Now that Jones wants a new deal and is threatening to hold out until maybe even Week 8, could the Chiefs look to simply rid themselves of the issue?

The Bears would greatly benefit from a disruptor like Jones up front. Right now, their veterans Justin Jones and Andrew Billings aren't exactly looking the part as starters. In fact, the pair of rookies behind them could wind up taking over sooner or later.

Jones trade

Jones has one year left on his contract, so if the Bears made a move like this, it would be assuming that they are going to extend him on a big contract, just like he wants.

Think of just how valuable it would be for Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens to play alongside Jones, and have a guy like him mentor the two of them. Jones is 29 years old and probably has a couple of good years left in him. The 2022 All Pro played in all 17 games last season and health should not be an issue.

Should the Bears make a call?