4 trades the Chicago Bears could make before Week 1

Should Ryan Poles make a move before Week 1? We shall discuss, below.

Chicago Bears, Joshua Palmer
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Trade Number 3: The Bears double up at wide receiver, trade for Stefon Diggs

The Palmer trade would be fun, but this one would be even more fun. This offseason, we have seen a heck of a lot going on with Stefon Diggs. Much of his has probably been smoke, but when there is enough smoke, sometimes there is fire.

Could the Bills actually move on from Diggs before the start of the season? If they did, they'd have to figure out a way to replace him in a hurry, and Gabe Davis isn't the answer. But, let's assume the Bears dealt for Diggs and didn't give Buffalo a receiver in return. This gives them a pairing of D.J. Moore along with Diggs, and oh my, that would be scary.

Diggs trade

The one thing to remember, here, is that the Bills will take on over $13 million in dead cap for 2023 if Diggs is traded right now. Now, that's no where near as bad as it would have been if he was traded before June 1. That number sat over $30 million.

But, taking on $13 million in dead cap still isn't fun. Diggs is soon to be 30 years old come November, and although he's been extremely productive the last few seasons, one has to wonder if he's going to hit a point where he starts slowing down.

Do the Bears risk three draft picks for a 30-year-old receiver?