4 trades the Chicago Bears need to make before its too late

Should the Bears start making calls to try and save their season after just two weeks?

Chicago Bears, Danielle Hunter
Chicago Bears, Danielle Hunter / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. The Chicago Bears should trade for Mike Evans

Through two weeks, the Bears have not utilized D.J. Moore the way they should be using him. A lot of that falls on Luke Getsy, who has made quite a few questionable play calls in such a short time span. But, if the Bears truly wanted to go all-in on turning things around this year, they'd start feeding him the ball more.

In addition, they could go out and trade for Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans. In a couple of games, already, Chase Claypool has put forth some suspect effort. It was nice to see him get into the end zone as a Bear, finally, last week. But, his future with the team is still in a lot of doubt.

Evans trade

The Bears could send Claypool, along with a fourth-round pick, in exchange for Evans. Evans is in the final year of his contract, just like Claypool, but the Bears would wind up working out a new deal for the 10-year veteran in order to keep he and Moore around for the foreseeable future.

At that point, if Fields truly isn't the guy for this team, at least the next quarterback would have a ridiculous arsenal of weapons to work with.