5 moves the Bears can make if Tyson Bagent is the future

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After just one NFL start, there is a section of Chicago Bears fans that's ready to crown Tyson Bagent the team's starting quarterback. Many liken him to the next Brock Purdy.

Bagent did win his first-ever start and the overreactions are coming in left and right, many of which sound ridiculous. But, you never know what's going to happen.

If the Bears wind up rolling with Bagent for the foreseeable future (and that's a big 'if') then these are some moves they could make in the coming year.

Note: one could also argue similar moves if Caleb Williams ends up being the future.

1. Trade Justin Fields next offseason

The first move, and most obvious one, is to trade Justin Fields. You are not going to keep a guy like Fields around to serve as a backup to an undrafted rookie. Look at the 49ers' situation with Purdy and Trey Lance, for example. Once the Niners committed to Purdy, they began shopping Lance -- it also made sense because they had their backup to Purdy as well.

Fields could also still net a solid return, unlike Lance. Some have proposed deals where Fields is able to land the Bears a second and third-round pick, which isn't too shabby. There might even be teams out there willing to part with a first rounder, too.

While this is unlikely to happen, especially because Fields is coming back within a handful of weeks, it would be the route to go should the Bears put their stock into Bagent going forward.