5 moves the Bears can make if Tyson Bagent is the future

Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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2. Fire Matt Eberflus, Luke Getsy

I think this is going to happen no matter what, by season's end. Unless the Bears make a miraculous turnaround and end up winning between 7-9 games overall, the organization is going to have a new coaching staff next year.

Ryan Poles is going to have to fire both head coach Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. To this point, Eberflus has been a nice guy and easy to love. But, he has clearly been over his head as a coach. His principles sound great on the surface, but clearly they have not been implemented.

Luke Getsy, meanwhile, has been the biggest joke within Halas Hall for a solid year now. Fans are tired of seeing his supposed Shanahan-like scheme go to waste with poor play calling. He has not done enough to tailor the offense around Fields' strengths, and if fans think the same thing won't happen with Bagent, they're fooling themselves.

Bagent had zero NFL film for teams to work with. He looked good against a lousy Raiders team and having thrown mostly short passes, but once teams get a feel for his tendencies, it'll be on Getsy to set a better game plan, and I have no faith in him to be able to do that.