5 moves the Bears can make if Tyson Bagent is the future

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3. Extend Darnell Mooney

One of the best things you can do for a young quarterback, especially with very little experience, is keep the band together (so long as the band is worth keeping together). There is something to be said about chemistry and familiarity; continuity, if you will.

Bagent's top two receivers from his current team should stick around. Of course, D.J. Moore isn't going anywhere. He's under contract for a little while yet. But, Darnell Mooney's contract expires after the 2023 season, and it's unclear whether the Bears will choose to bring him back.

For Bagent's sake, Mooney should be extended. It isn't solely because of his relationship and familiarity with Bagent, but Mooney is a very good wide receiver. The Bears were going to have to choose between he and Chase Claypool, if either, and they've already made their choice on the latter.

Keeping Mooney around should be a priority, especially if the Bears can pair he and Moore with the guy we're going to talk about next.