5 moves the Bears can make if Tyson Bagent is the future

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4. Draft Marvin Harrison Jr. at all cost

If the Bears end up holding a top-3 pick, their chances of landing Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. are very high. Caleb Williams is going number one, and Harrison very well could go second overall. Currently, the Bears hold that second overall pick.

Pairing Harrison with Moore and Mooney would create a lethal trio of wide receivers in Chicago. Harrison might just be the best overall player in the draft this coming spring, all things considered. He has a 6-foot-4 frame, being able to tower over opposing defensive backs, and doesn't really have a weakness in his game.

Harrison runs smooth routes, has a catch radius that has no bounds and possesses top-end speed and athleticism. He makes the difficult grabs look routine. Look no further than his father, Marvin Harrison Sr., if you need a comparison. The only difference? He very well could end up being better than his dad, and that's frightening.

If Bagent had Moore, Mooney and Harrison as his weaponry going into his second season, he'd hardly have any excuses but to succeed in just his second year in the league. From there, the Bears would just need to get the coaching staff right.