5 moves the Bears can make if Tyson Bagent is the future

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5. Draft Laiatu Latu with other first-round pick

If Bagent is their guy, then that gives them plenty of other options in the draft. They wouldn't have to worry about quarterback. So, imagine if Chicago drafted Marvin Harrison Jr. followed by the best pass rusher in the draft, Laiatu Latu out of UCLA.

The Bears' biggest weakness on defense over the last year or so has been up front across their defensive line. Their inability to rush the passer at a high level is something they have to address in a major way this next offseason.

As it stands, Yannick Ngakoue won't be around in 2024, or maybe that much longer at all if the Bears decide to trade him. Beyond Ngakoue, Chicago doesn't really have another starting-quality defensive end. This position is going to be overhauled.

Latu is an ultra-athletic, quick pass rusher who has an impressive first step. He explodes off the line and wins with his hands. He's a savvy, mature player and will be ready to roll from Day 1 in the NFL.

Overall, the Bears would have a ton of flexibility if they opted to go with Bagent. Now, again, that's a huge question mark. After one start against a poor opponent, this is a complete and total overreaction. But, wouldn't it be fun if the Bears found their Brock Purdy?