3 wildcard teams that could trade for Justin Fields after Cousins signs with Falcons

Kirk Cousins is off the market, so what does that mean for Justin Fields?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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2. San Francisco 49ers

There aren't currently any legs to a Fields-to-49ers rumor, but it does make some sense. The Niners are a few months removed from Brock Purdy's full, official season as a starter. And, while Purdy's ascension has been impressive, you never know what could happen.

Look, San Francisco had a legitimate backup plan last year after trading Trey Lance to the Cowboys. They had Sam Darnold backing up Purdy. And, say what you want about Darnold, but he's another former first-round pick and a guy who has proven to be a valuable quarterback in this league in one way or another, even if it is as a backup.

Right now, the 49ers have Brandon Allen backing up Purdy. But, they can't ride into the season with Allen as their primary backup, can they? This is a team with Super Bowl aspirations. Kyle Shanahan is an offensive mastermind, but Allen isn't exactly a quality backup.

Insert Fields behind Purdy, and the 49ers immediately feel much safer going forward. If Purdy were to get hurt, Fields comes in with the best coaching he's had since entering the NFL. With guidance from a guy like Shanahan, this could be a phenomenal career move for Fields. It might look like a negative on the surface, but for a guy who could still have a long career ahead of him, learning under Shanahan and getting his vote of confidence might be exactly what the doctor ordered.